Our newly develop product is Aloe vera (also known as aloe barbadensis). Aloe vera is the sources of minerals nutrition and vitamin. It has been proved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a natural vegetarian food or flavoring. In Asia, aloe vera is widely use as an ingredient and commercially available for yogurt or other food service. In addition, most companies in Asia produce a lot of aloe vera beverages, especially in East Asia.
In terms of beneficial function, numerous researches show that aloe vera is a component to boost immunity or a general tonic for the immune system (i.e. halt the growth of cancer, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure). Undoubtedly, why the market is demand for more aloe vera product. It is obvious that the increasing consumption trend for aloe vera products is growing widely. And to serve those needs, we are continuously developing the best quality aloe vera for industry purpose. If you are interested, we are welcome for all inquiry.